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    Excellence in Endodontics

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    This is for a pre-order of the upcoming 2018 TDO User Meeting lecture series.  You will be emailed a code when the videos are available that will unlock the entire series for your account to watch at your convenience on any device.  We usually finish editing the series close to the end of December.

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    Total Run Time: 21 Hours


    • Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer - Risk literacy and risk communication in health care and beyond
    • Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer - Decision making under uncertainty using fast-and-frugal heuristics
    • Dr. Eric Coryell - Attracting, Motivating, and Retaining Employees in Today's Workforce
    • Dr. Pushpak Narayana & Dr. Charles Maupin - Image Guided Treatment: Planning Endodontics with Precision
    • Dr. Winston Chee - Zirconia: Why Are They Being Used for Restorations? What are Outcomes?
    • Dr. Sashi Nallapati - Comprehensive Treatment Planning in Endodontics 
    • Dr. Kehn Yapp - Clinical Inference and Decision Making 
    • Dr. Aznar Portoles - Basic Principals to Build an Efficient Office Setup
    • Diane & Jared - Marketing your Endodontic Practice 
    • Gentlewave Case Studies
    • Dr. Rick Schwartz - Lessons Learned, Good and Bad, over 20 Years of Endodontic Practice
    • Dr. Bentkover & Dr. Endo - Intro to Photography
    • Dr. Edward Kasper and Kim Lopez - Why We Must Really Use an Assistant Scope