• "I love your tips.  I wish I had known how good they were when I opened my office, as I wasted a bunch of money on other brand tips that would often break the first time they touched tooth structure.  I had previously thought that all tips were created equal."  - Dr. Jason Bouska
  • "EIE2.com has a great selection of Ultrasonics which are very efficient and tough to break.  I usually wear them down a couple of mm instead of breaking them.  I am a huge fan of these." - Dr. Rahim Karmali
  • "I have been using the Carr Mirrors and handles for about 1.5 years.  I am extremely satisfied with them. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking to buy dental photographic mirrors. You wont be disappointed with the Carr Mirror, plus the customer service is excellent!"  - Dr. Jason Michel
  • "EIE2's innovative designs, virtually unbreakable and 'Ninety-Degree' angled tips allow me to work in a stress free and more comfortable environment, translating to improved patient care especially for molars with limited access. Thanks Dr. Gary Carr, Mr. Donnie Carr and EIE2 for making my 'hobby' more enjoyable!" - Dr. K.L. Chua, Malaysia
  • "I really like the CT4 diamond.  It is excellent and the one I most frequently use out of any other tip out there." - Dr. Omar Maktabi
  • "The clarity of the mirrors is just outstanding. I don't know how other endodontists live without these mirrors and ultransonic tips - truly my work horses.  Thank you." - Dr. Raymond Ng, Canada