• Laschal Stieglitz 75° Endodontic Forceps (Carbide Insert)

    Laschal Surgical

  •  $250.00 $197.00

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    • N/S
    • E/W
  • Description

    These Stieglitz forceps come with carbide tips for extra grip and are used for retrieving separated files, silver points, and root fragments
    For the orientation use the following:
    North South (N/S) - bucco-lingual chamber orientation of anteriors and bicuspids

    East West (E/W) - mesio-distal chamber orientation of molars




      Excellence in Endodontics:  N/S 9003005

      Excellence in Endodontics:  E/W 9003006

      MFG:  N/S 75SL/M

      MFG:  E/W 75SPL/M