• Tsunami Microsuction

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  • Description

    Designed in collaboration with Dr. Tim Silbert from Western Endodontics in Perth, Australia.  The Tsunami Microsuction is the universal adapter for your microsuctioning needs. 

    Compatible with most HVE units, DCI/A-dec saliva ejectors (Type A) or ASI saliva ejectors (Type B), this unit allows the fit of luer slip, luer lock and Centrix capillary tips and needle tubes for precision microsuctioning down the canal.  Perfect for cases with significant drainage or suppuration and for drying the canals.  This significantly reduces the need for paper points. 

    Made from surgical grade stainless steel the Tsunami won't rust or corrode.


    Type A vs Type B

    The Tsunami is best utilized with a HVE unit for the extra volume and power, both Type A and Type B models are compatible with most HVE units on the market including ASI, DCI, A-Dec, Forest Dental, etc.

    If you wish to pair it with a Saliva Ejector please verify the unit in your operatory.

    Pairing it with a DCI, A-Dec, etc Saliva Ejector requires the Type A unit.

    Pairing it with an ASI Saliva Ejector requires the Type B unit.