• CT4 90 Degree Variants

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    • Non Diamond Sharp Point
    • Micro-Etch
    • Diamond
    • Non Diamond Flat Point
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  • Description

    CT4 90 Degree Ultrasonic Tip

    The original ultrasonic tip designed by Dr. Carr but sharper and more breakage-resistant than the original design. This tip has multiple uses: instrument removal, Ag Pt removal, troughing canals, removal of calcifications, temporaries, cements, build up materials, etc. It allows unobstructed vision with any access. This is the most-used tip in a clinician's armamentarium.

    Non Diamond Sharp Point

    Traditional uncoated surface.  Smallest diameter point with good cutting ability and durability.

    Micro-Etch Sharp Point

    Same diameter and durability as the non diamond variant but with our proprietary Micro-Etch surface treatment to enhance the cutting ability of the tip.

    Diamond .45mm Rounded Point

    400 grit diamond coating buildup around the end of the point.  Best cutting ability.  Used when you need more side-cutting action. Slightly less activity at the end of the tip than a standard CT4, but with the ability to flare out the walls of a troughing groove or access. Due to diamond coating this variant should not be used for removing separated instruments