• QuickSplint 12-Pack


  •  $240.00 $229.95

  • Description

    Custom-fit temporary splints in individual take-home containers

    • 12 splint units
    • 12 single unit take-home containers with patient instructions


    QuickSplint is an interim, multi-purpose, custom-fit, bite plane that takes only minutes to fabricate and has dozens of practical uses in dentistry. Whether you are a general dentist or a specialist, QuickSplint comes to your aid to help diagnose, treat, protect, and heal your patients.


    Features & Benefits:

    • Custom-fit chairside in less than 5 minutes.
    • Serves as a healing and protective aid designed to be worn for several days or several weeks under your direction.
    • QuickSplint is the only bite-plane designed for interim care.
    • QuickSplint is time-saving, practical, affordable, and reimbursable.
    • QuickSplint has dozens of practical applications across dentistry.


    • Protection of teeth and restorations from injury due to bruxism or clenching.
    • Temporary relief of muscle tension, headaches and pain associated with bruxism or clenching.
    • Temporary treatment of Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) along with the relief of associated headaches and pains.