• ASI Ergo Handle HVE + Tsutsui Microsuction

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  • Description

    ASI’s titanium Ergo Angle is a high volume evacuation (HVE) hand piece. The angled design reduces hand and wrist fatigue associated with the use of straight high volume suction hand pieces and features ASI’s exclusive single-side valve design.  It fits standard ½” HVE tubing.  It allows for ideal ergonomic technique and permits the assistant to suction with either the right or left hand easily.

    The HVE comes with our Tsutsui Microsuction for an additional savings.  Useful for cases with significant drainage or suppuration.  Can also be used to dry canals after irrigating with alcohol.  Dramatically reduces need for paper points to dry canals. For use with disposable capillary suction tips(not included).

    This is the preferred setup for Dr. Gary Carr's assistant in our operatory.