• 19mm Rigid Mirror (Screw-Type)


  • $80.00

  • Description

    More rigid than the eie2 flexible mirror, this mirror is used when some retraction of soft tissue is needed. For example, use when documenting or examining lingual mandibular areas where tongue or tissue retraction is required or maxillary molar areas where lip retraction with the mirror is desired. ie: photographing abfraction lesions from the buccal and retracting the cheek at the same time with the mirror. Also can be used in endodontic surgical procedures where a larger mirror is desired.

    Our mirrors provide exceptional clarity and reflection and reflect 97% of visible light while rhodium mirrors only reflect 75% of visible light. These mirrors are invaluable for photography through a microscope or for difficult cases where optical clarity is needed. Please note that using an autoclave will weaken the special coating on the mirrors. Please use non-glutaraldehyde sterilizing solutions like Compliance or Sporox for sterilization. Mirror handles are sold separately.