• Non Measuring Collet Handle + Micromirror Bundle

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    • 3mm Round
    • 4mm Round
    • 3x6mm Oval
    • 2x5mm Shovel
    • 3x7mm Shovel
    • 4x9mm Shovel
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  • Description

    Buy the bundle and save.  

    The non measuring collet mirror handles has a diameter of 1/4".  This lightweight stainless steel collet socket handle causes less finger fatigue and is easy to position and pass to your assistant.  For use with our collet style mirrors heads, both the CMM series or the HD Flexible series.

    Our new line of autoclavable polished micro mirrors uses the same bendable and adjustable alloy of our existing mirrors for full customization of any angulation needed during the procedure.  The process we use allows us to make the entire side of the part a mirror for extra utility.