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Our Sapphire HD Mirrors, developed by Dr. Gary B. Carr, provide exceptional clarity and reflection that reflect 99% of visible light.  Rhodium mirrors only reflect 75% of visible light. Our mirrors have exceptional flatness and our special dielectric coating is layered on twelve times to create this effect.  These mirrors are invaluable for photography through a microscope or for difficult cases where optical clarity is needed.  Please note that these mirrors can only be sterilized with non-glutaraldehyde sterilizing solutions like Compliance or Sporox.


Our new Carr Micro Mirror polished mirror line uses the same bendable and adjustable alloy as our Sapphire HD Mirrors for full control of the angulation of the mirror head.  Our polishing process allows the entire piece of the part to become a mirror for extra utility.  The Carr Micro Mirror can be sterilized in an autoclave.