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    Protective spray microscope shield developed by TDO User Dr. Micah Nuzum.  The Shieldont provides close to 180 degrees of spray protection for the operator and is made from PETG.

    The Shieldont mount easily attaches to the scope and allows for stable placement of the Shieldont protective shield.

    The assistant side shield is a smaller cut than the doctors side to allow more freedom of movement for your assistant.

    • Installs without disassembly of your microscope
      • Some Global microscopes benefit from a single set-screw replacement (which is included with shipment).
    • Works with all major microscope brands: Zeiss, Global, Seiler, Leica
    • Replaces goggles & face shields that hinder clear vision
    • Allows proper eye-relief distance & prevents eye fatigue 
    • Blocks surgical splatter to face & eyes
    • Promotes proper ergonomic positioning