We are excited to announce another successful year of business, culminating in one of our biggest conferences of the year: the TDO User Meeting 2016. We have many great deals going on, both at our booth and online. Special pricing will be extended to the website from October 5th until the 12th.

    Both Excellence in Endodontics and our sister company, TDO Software, will be short staffed starting Monday the 3rd to dedicate our concentration to hosting this meeting of over 400 attendees. As a result, there will be delays of up to a week for shipping. If you have any questions, the most efficient way of getting in contact with our staff is to email us directly at orders@eie2.com.

    Our out of stock items – UT4, UT4-D, Ball-D, and Pear-D – will be back in stock within the month. In more exciting news, we will also soon debut more items for our Research and Development Line. Check back for more details in a few weeks.

    We hope to you see in San Diego!

    Eie2.com, a part of GBC Innovations, is your source for innovative and state-of-the-art products and services for dentists and endodontists.  While our online catalog is here for you 24 hours a day, our staff is also here during regular business hours anytime you want to talk to a real person. We will continue to add product information to this site periodically so if you don't find what you're looking for or need any assistance contact us.

    If you are interested in information on TDO, The Digital Office for Endodontists, please visit www.tdo4endo.com. If you are a post graduate or resident student, we have special prices for you. Call us today at (858) 558-3632 for more information.